two types of growth

Often there are dichotomies at the heart of the way we live our lives. Introversion vs. extroversion, input vs. output, stress vs. recovery. We tend to situate ourselves in our own little spot along each spectrum. If we’re not careful, we draw a box around our little spot – our comfort zone.

I’ve been working on identifying my comfort zones recently, as the posts above speak to. The zone I found this weekend lives along the spectrum of personal growth.

It seems like growth can either be rational, analytical, fact-based, externally-focused or it can be emotional and internally-focused. We can be learning about how the world works and trying to internalize those facts or we can be learning about who we are and trying to bring that true self into the world.

My comfort zone lives far towards the facts, the external analysis. I’m a dude and an engineer after all. Even when I read a book that’s strictly focused on the opposite end of the spectrum – BrenĂ© Brown for example – I walk away understanding her terminology and her mental models rather than using those terms and models to understand myself in a more intimate way.

Once our comfort zones are identified, we’re then faced with the decision to stay in them or break through the self-imposed borders. Choose wisely.

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