the positive focus

The antidote to finding yourself in the gap is to focus on your achievements.

Strategic Coach calls this The Positive Focus, and they’re all in on this concept. They even have an app, Win Streak, designed to help you with this by counting your daily wins.

Rather than daily, I’ve found myself using this idea for looking back on the past week, which went a little something like this:

List out your top 5 wins. Why were they wins? What’s the next piece of progress you can make?

  1. Moved into our own dedicated office at CIC. It’s rad! It’s a win because the company is growing (movin’ on up!) and allows us our own space – an upgrade from the co-working space. Next progress: I’ll send a thank you note to all involved in the move.
  2. Finished the Unique Ability workbook. It was a win because it will help me hone on the highest value I can bring to the world (that I also love to do) and let go of the rest over time. Next progress: bring it to the Strategic Coach Team Leaders workshop this week.
  3. Finished reading Merchants of Doubt, a great book about not-so-great climate change denialists. It was a win because it helps me understand something about environmentalism that I didn’t before. Next progress: Clean up my kindle notes and add them to my books page. Then hash out a few blog posts on specific themes to cement my learning and hone my perspective.
  4. Quality friend time. Had a fun dinner and slumber party with a great friend and a fun dinner and hike at Lone Elk Park with another great friend. It was a win because we had amazing conversations. As my friend Josh wrote on my chalkboard wall: Don’t ration passion!
  5. Sold a new subscription service called Utility Analytics to a key client. This is a win in our effort to diversify beyond our core service (see quote below), sell more products to existing/past clients, and to separate revenue from time worked.

Quote of the week:

EVERYONE’s core business will eventually approach ZERO.
– Peter Diamandis

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