the point of meditating

I’ve been meditating daily for most of this year. Today’s “sit” was one of the most monkey-brained experiences yet. I was jumping  from worry to randomness to present to past to future and repeat and repeat. I spent 10 minutes essentially lost in thought.

Then, I got up and went about my day. Shortly after, I had a conversation with my wife that reminded me of the reason we need meditation. The point is not to sit on the pillow and have 10 minutes of pure bliss in the present moment. The point is to practice for real life.

The practice is to watch and listen and learn about your mind. Learn about what’s getting in the way – the thoughts and patterns that keep popping up. Then, later on, in real life, the practice has hopefully built up the skill required to avoid letting those things get in your way when it matters. In my case today, I needed to be present to connect with the person I love most.

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