the path to follow

Negative feelings occur in many moments through each day, whether they be disappointment, worry, embarrassment, fear, irritation, resentment, anger, or jealousy.

Sometimes they’re tiny slights that we simply brush off. Sometimes, though, they really knock us on our asses. Life really takes us down. No matter how much we try to get up, we’re down for the count. It’s easy to numb these feelings – to make it all go away if only for a moment. We numb by watching TV or reaching for the ice cream, the wine, or drugs. We just need to soften the moment – we just can’t stand it.

But these moments don’t have to be bad things to push away. They may actually show us where we’re holding back – where our soft spots are. They may be the truth, the way forward in our journey to be happier and more compassionate people.

These things show up in the present moment if we pay attention, and they show us the way – the path we should follow. Meditation is a place to practice following this path. We’re just sitting with our experience, good or bad. This moment is the perfect teacher, and it’s always right here.

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