the gap between the ideal and now

One of my goals this year is presence. Focus on the here and now. A concept I recently discovered that can surely help maintain presence is “the gap”, a concept from Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach.

What is The Gap?

We call the distance between the ideal result that you’re aiming for and your present point of progress “The Gap” and liken it to the horizon—no matter how far we go, the “ideal,” like the horizon, is still always in the distance. Much wiser to look back and compare your progress with the point you started from. The ideal is a great motivator to get started, but using it to measure progress is debilitating.

So you can see why it’s important to have strategies, or mind “tricks,” that keep us taking charge and moving forward—mind tricks that keep us winning and celebrating those wins.

Much of Strategic Coach is comprised of the aforementioned mind tricks . Dan also calls them “thinking tools” – I would call them mental models. Semantics aside, Dan provides tools to help with the negative feeling of being in the the gap, like win streak and the four Cs.

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