technical sophistication

As I’ve been digging into learning the command line and text editor, I often get stuck. I’m following the tutorial and something just doesn’t work right. That’s when I remember to hang in there and practice technical sophistication, even when I’m about as unsophisticated as it gets.
Technical sophistication, via Learn Enough to be Dangerous

The phrase technical sophistication refers to the general ability to use computers and other technical things. This includes both existing knowledge (such as familiarity with text editors and the Unix command line) and the ability to acquire new knowledge, as illustrated below. Unlike “hard skills” like coding and version control, this latter aspect of technical sophistication is a “soft skill”—difficult to teach directly, but essential to develop if you want to work with computer programmers or to become a programmer yourself.

(…) It also involves a tolerance for ambiguity: technically sophisticated readers won’t panic if a tutorial says to use ⌘Z to Undo something when it’s actually ⌃Z on their system. They also won’t panic if they see ⌘Z but don’t know what ⌘ means, because they know they can read about it or simply Google for it. Perhaps the most important aspect of technical sophistication is an attitude—a confidence and can-do spirit in the face of confusion that is well worth cultivating.

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