Routine to Get Through It

I’ve read about and noticed anecdotally how routines have the ability to make times of a high stress a lot more calm than they really should be.

It happens for athletes – tying up your shoes in the right order before every game has a way of telling yourself, “this is just like last time”. Michael Phelps did the same exact thing for two hours before each gold-medal-winning race. By the time the whistle blew, his expectation was to win just like last time.

It also happens in our careers. A morning routine can get you feeling right before each work day. Then, when an especially stressful, high performance day pops up, your morning routine gets you going just like any other. Doing what you always do takes all the thought out of it and makes sure your morning, the part of the day which you have the most control over, is a success. And if your day starts as a success, why wouldn’t it continue to be?

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