no complaints

I’m in the middle of a little experiment:

No complaining for 30 straight days. When you complain, start over again at day 1.

Simple rules. Not so simple to execute.

From day 1 I was hooked, mostly because of how much I suck at not complaining. I complained 8 times, that I was aware of. I wouldn’t even realize it until hours later. Then, the feeling of defeat would hit me and I would complain about having complained and then complain about being such a complainer (Mark Manson’s feedback loop from hell).

I was also hooked because I was now conscious of the stuff that was coming out of my mouth. Complaints feel like I’m a litterer just throwing my trash out the window on the highway. Here you go, dear ones, these are my unfiltered insecurities, anxieties, and entitlements. Have a nice day. 

As each failed day went by in the first 2 weeks or so, something amazing started happening. Instead of noticing my complaints from earlier in the day, I started noticing them right after I said them. Then, a few days later, I started noticing them in real time. Eventually, they showed up as physical impulse, which I noticed but still couldn’t stop my mouth from turning into words.

And then, every so often, I started feeling like I could to press the pause button. The pause button lets you choose how to respond to that physical impulse. I’m no where near 30 days, and who knows if I’ll ever get there, but I do know that the pause button is where the magic is. 

P.S. h/t for this idea to Kayli, who heard about this from someone at work. If you google “no complaint challenge”, you’ll see this is a thing – I’m not the only self-loathing crazy person, people. 

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