intro to unique ability

I’m grateful to be starting a new business coaching program called Team Tools by Strategic Coach. As part of my preparation, they’ve asked me to familiarize myself with a concept called Unique Ability.

The unique ability philosophy is new to me: strengthen your strengths, not your weaknesses. If you strengthen your weaknesses, they’ll just be stronger weaknesses. 

Real talk: I’ve always been one to work on my weaknesses… I can remember spending hours and hours practicing kicking the soccer ball with my weaker left foot to get better with it. I can also remember how bad some of my college teammates were with their weaker feet – and some of them are still playing professional soccer. Maybe there’s something to this unique ability thing.

At the heart of who you are lies the secret to your greatest success, best quality of life, and biggest contribution to the world. This is your Unique Ability — a special talent that always has these four qualities:

  1. Superior skill. You produce outstanding results with this talent. It’s so natural to you, you can’t help but do this extraordinarily well. Others notice this skill, rely on it, and really value it.
  2. Passion. You love to do this, and probably did it in some form long before you got paid for it. (In fact, many people continue to give their Unique Ability away for free because they don’t appreciate how special and valuable it is.)
  3. Energy. Using your Unique Ability gives you a boost of energy. The people around you get energy from you, too, because it’s fun and exciting to be around someone who’s both passionate about and talented at what they’re doing. Likewise, when you surround yourself with other Unique Abilities, your days are filled with positivity, dynamism, and creativity.
  4. Never-ending improvement. You’re already exceptional at this, yet you could do it for the rest of your life and always find new ways to do it better and better.
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