favorite books I read in 2016

I’m a total Tim Ferriss Show nerd. Tim interviews interesting people, they say interesting stuff, it’s as simple as that. One of the questions Tim asks every guest is what book or books they’ve given most as a gift. It’s a clever way of asking which books have had a big impact on them. (It’s also a clever way of selling books and getting affiliate income, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Since it’s the season of gift-giving, I’ve found myself buying books as gifts and I thinking about which of the books I’ve read this year have had a big impact on me. Here are my top 5 – the act of giving them away allows me to share a little of the joy I had with someone else.

Guide to the Good Life

This is an intro to Stoicism by professor William B. Irvine. I shared my notes already at the link above.

Ego is the Enemy

Notes on this one coming soon. It has probably had the greatest impact on me. In a nutshell, our egos get in our way at every stage in life. Pair with Guide to the Good Life and The Road to Character by David Brooks.


Although I didn’t take good notes and I haven’t shared them yet, this book by Adam Grant was amazing. Kayli and I both read it separately while we were in Costa Rica and couldn’t put it down. I remember being amazed at how much material was there. Need to pick it up again.


Probably the book of the year for me. Not so much the impact it had, just that it’s absolutely fascinating. The author’s voice has this elevation to it like he’s looking at the human race and commenting from space – so unique.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work

Cal Newport has some contrarian ideas about how to build a career and how to focus that should be considered by all who are trying to build a meaningful career. Quit social media. Skills over passion. I haven’t fully implemented all of the insights of these one yet, but I think about it often. Baby steps…

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