Our differences

We don’t have a TV and our friends and family members think we’re freaks weird because of it.

Last weekend we were all gathered around a big flat screen watching baseball… And here it comes: “What do you guys do at night when normal people are watching TV?” 

Kayli and I get really excited for opportunities like this. We like talking about real life. Instead of continuing to stare at the big screen with 8 different baseball games on it, we were on the brink of a real conversation that could help everyone get to know each other better. We gave our answer: we usually read, write, and cook; and we don’t miss having cable, or a TV for that matter, one iota.

There was an awkward silence… then someone changed the subject and it was over. Just when we thought the conversation was going somewhere, we couldn’t sustain it. What did we do wrong? My theory: it’s just really hard to talk about our differences.

This is something I’m trying to get better at. What’s standing in the way of getting to know people better? I want to learn to:

  • lean in to real conversation instead of hanging out on the surface
  • ask the right questions that get people to come out of their shell
  • describe why I choose to go against the social norm or status quo without making someone feel judged or uncomfortable
  • be fully present – never half-ass a conversation again

It’s so easy to coast through conversation after conversation and never really talk about anything important. But is that living? Is that how we show people we care about them?





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