what is your creative outlet?

I was sharing some delicious cocktails with a friend recently. We were talking about the personal journey I’ve been on in the last few months, and he asked me:

Throughout this really difficult time in your life, what is your creative outlet?

My answer:

Therapy. Soccer. Yoga. Rock climbing. Oh, and sometimes I write on my blog.

It made me realize that (1) I haven’t written in ages and (2) that’s mostly because of the way I think about writing. I often think it needs to be an after-the-fact, I’ve-got-everything-figured-out type of conversation.

But lately, I haven’t had anything figured out… I’ve been working through some really difficult shit and not thinking about much else. It often feels like I’m so deep in shit that I can’t possibly zoom out enough to write anything.

And that’s where I’ve been wrong. If writing needs to come from a place of elevation — where I’m up above my problems looking down on this perfectly manicured life — it’s never going to happen.

Life is full of problems, and working through them is where the magic is. Feeling like everything is all figured out is an illusion and where creativity goes to die.


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