2019 Annual Review

Building on last year’s review, welcome to this year’s edition of putting life under a microscope.

To borrow a phrase from Maria Popova, I prefer resolutions in reverse. Studying the past year to determine how I want to move forward.

2019 was easily the best year of my life. Not because it was easy or particularly pleasurable, but because of the transformation and growth that happened.

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lessons learned: the fundamental attribution error

As I’ve been promoted and promoted and promoted again, I’ve had various conversations with other managers assessing the performance of others on the team. They’re frustrating. They’re good at this, but don’t do this right or that right. They’re problems in the way of our success.

While I felt all of these things from a management perspective, I also had the perspective of the employees, having done the same job and had the same struggles. From that perspective came this little voice in my head wondering why I was judging those people like this. Hey, man, those guys are doing the best they can inside of a broken system.

But I didn’t say anything. Perhaps my ego liked getting promoted, at least partly because of others’ “poor” performances, so I didn’t listen much to my little voice.

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