Each day, it seems like we’re under more and more pressure. The pressure guides us toward a way of life that’s more like our neighbors. It says:

Do more. 

Be busy.

Say yes to every opportunity.  

Fill your time with something productive. 

Hurry up and get the gist rather than truly understand. 

Go with the status quo rather than thinking for yourself.

Faster, faster, faster. More, more, more. We succumb to the pressure under the guise of efficiency, productivity, work ethic, motivation, and the like. We want to accomplish as much as possible with every minute. If we slow down, we lose ground – whether we’re racing against everyone else or time itself.

We only have one life, after all, so we might as well go all out… right?

I have the natural tendency to succumb to the pressure, but I’m realizing most of the benefits of fast & more have diminished returns when put into practice. Here’s what I’ve noticed after the busiest month of my life:

I make bad decisions…

With a million things swirling around in my head, important decisions become just another box to check rather than something to put thought into.

I make more mistakes…

…and they eat up more time than I saved by rushing around, by a long shot.

I’m a lot like a hummingbird…

…moving very, very fast but just hovering in place. The time costs of switching between many different thoughts all day means less gets done.

I’m rarely engaged in the present moment…

When I’m doing or thinking about two things at once, I’m guaranteed to be doing a shitty job at both of them.

I don’t plan ahead…

I’m always looking forward to the next thing, but not far enough to think in advance and design life how I want it to be.

Worst of all, my life is fragile…

When my life is built on speed, the smallest delays or setbacks send me into a tailspin.


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