It can be very tempting to feel like we need to work at night and over the weekend. Our to-do list of busywork can make us feel like it’s the most important thing. Maybe one weekend we start with answering a few emails, the next we add in some other sort of tasks. Pretty soon, there’s no time for play, no space for thinking and learning new things, no elevation to look at the big picture, no time to read, no space in our minds to be fully present with our family.

Nonessentialists tend to think of boundaries as constraints or limits, things that get in the way of the hyperproductive life. To a Nonessentialist, setting boundaries is evidence of weakness. If they are strong they think, they don’t need boundaries. They can cope with it all. They can do it all. But without limits, they eventually become spread so thin that getting anything done becomes virtually impossible. 

– Greg McKeown, Essentialism

Get away to come back stronger. It’s not a lack of work ethic. It’s knowing yourself and being a true professional.

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