A second pass

I’m slowly making my way through a second reading of Peter Thiel’s Zero to One. While I often have trouble convincing myself to read a book twice given all the great unread books out there, my reasoning here is two-fold.

First, this book is brilliant so it’s quite a pleasure to read again. Second, this book is brilliant so a chump like me needs another pass to truly understand the author and decide where the messages can be applied in my life.

In the past, I gave myself a hard time for needing to read something twice to really get it. It felt like I had a comprehension problem or something… all those times using Cliff’s Notes in school coming back to bite me.

But at some point I realized learning new things means stretching my limits. If I can read through something once and fully understand it, then I should be lifting some heavier weights.

With this mindset, I’ve learned that the first pass can be used to get a lay of the land and decide whether the book is worth a deeper dive. When I do take a deeper dive, I have a good grasp of the big picture so I can view each detail in context of the whole message.

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