Hey there, I’m James.

Welcome to my website — a collection of my professional and personal musings, learnings, and favorite ideas.

Before you explore, here’s a little bit about me.

Quick Bio

  • Denver resident, Illinois native.
  • Professional engineer and energy efficiency innovator. Proud NRELian.
  • Expert in data analytics software for smart buildings, often termed Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS). 
  • Favorite books: The Social Animal, Simple Habits for Complex Times, When Things Fall Apart.
  • Hobbies: trail running, snowboarding, soccer, and cooking for friends and family.

I publish a weekly newsletter, “Nexus”, focused on energy efficiency, innovation, and technology in buildings. 

All of us know technology in our industry is barely scratching the surface of its potential. And yet every day, there’s a new startup. Every day, there’s news about “disruption”. It’s awfully noisy out there. You need the news and ideas that matter, the signal in the noise.

We’ve got quite the journey ahead of us. Nexus is your community for that journey.

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